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We find Ziam smut and categorize it. Please feel free to submit prompts in the ask! We don't write, but some of our followers might fill them. Also, submit any good Ziam fics or one-shots you find. Thank you! xx


rec stuff! or come talk to us, yeah? send in prompts! we don’t bite, i swear.

i mean, unless youre into that kind of stuff lol

omg lol

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So i found a Zniam threesome oneshot.

It’s mostly Niam. but, like implied, there’s still some ziam in it.

would you guys read it? xx

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molliesaints asked: "Do you think you could do a prompt where it's New Years and right along as Harry does his announcement (coming out) you can do Ziam coming out to the world and being like FU management and they have lusty smut filled sexy sex and the roommates can hear them.? Or like the saturdays are there to support then and zayn & Liam's room is right next to mollies and she calls them to tell them to not scream so loud? Haha :)"
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paynefulinbed asked: "I Love You Lol One My New Favorite Blogs Most Definitely :)"

Thank you so so much! Love you too xx

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Sorry we haven’t updated since the first night!

We’re both kinda caught up in a fanfic and not around computers.. #ziamprobz yeah? Haha anyways, I’ll try to find some more fic for you guys later tonight (: xx

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osnapitzziam asked: "Omg okay its official you're my new favorite blog Ziam's my OTP and this is perfect i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ziam >
Thanks xx

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shutthefuckupandshipitornot asked: "Do You Take Prompt's? xx"


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I’m signing off for the night! I’ll be back tomorrow (:

Good night everyone! xx

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Too Good {A Ziam One Shot}

by Rory Croft

Read it here!

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